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December 5, 2012
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16 (who?)
Hogwarts Academy: Rita Andersen by CatAnnabelle Hogwarts Academy: Rita Andersen by CatAnnabelle

[General Info]

Name: Rita Cordelia Andersen

Age: 16

Birthday: May 12th

Gender: Female

House: Hufflepuff

Year: 6

Blood-Status: Half-blood


[Physical Description]

Height: 5’6’’

Weight: doesn’t concern herself with keeping track

Eye Color: Green

Hair color: Blonde


-one on the bottom of her foot

-a small one on her knee caused by a certain red-headed Gryffindor

Tattoos or piercings:  One in each ear, though she rarely wears earrings



Sweet, shy, and eager to please, Rita is a workaholic which a tendency to take on more than she can handle.  Although intelligent, she is easily startled as well as naïve concerning the things around her, often leading her to be the victim of many pranks by other students.  She tends to isolate herself from others from fear of being rejected, not helped by her notoriety as a goody-goody and an over-achiever.  Though she does have her bold moments, Rita prefers the sidelines to the spotlight, more than happy to offer advice and comfort when necessary.  Over all, she most closely resembles a lost little lamb with a strong desire to help others, hampered by her concerns that she’ll make the situation worse by her involvement.



-tends to ramble

-doesn’t blush easily, despite being embarrassed

-cleans when she’s upset



 Rita was born to two half-blood parents along with her fraternal twin, Elizabeth.  As time went on, their small family was blessed with another child; this time a boy they named Liam.  Together, the three got along swimmingly, though not without normal sibling rivalry and arguments. 

Rita herself was much shyer that her two siblings, and found it hard to make friends with others, eventually becoming almost virtually dependent on her other family members to make decisions for her.  Some people even assumed that she was mute when they first met her, because she refused to talk or make eye contact with anyone.

It wasn’t much different her first few years of Hogwarts.  She struggled to make friends and instead, focused her attention on her books and became a studious worker: knowledgeable, but also kind of odd in her own way.  And that suited Rita just fine.

After her fifth year at Hogwarts, Rita actually found herself some good friends, though her relationship with her sister slipped considerably during the summer before her sixth year.   She’s been trying to fix the situation, but has recently decided to address it face-to-face rather than the exchange of passive-aggressive letters.


-has a minor case of social anxiety

-pretty good baker

-an open book

-you will most likely find her laying on one of the grassy hills not too far from the school grounds

-has a younger brother in his 3rd year as a Ravenclaw


Wand: 11’’; pear wood; phoenix feather core

Pet: A barn owl named Charlotte

Broom: Nimbus 2051 from her parents (though if you try to talk to her about flying, she’ll quickly change the subject)



Elizabeth “Lizzie”: Rita’s twin sister and previous confidant.  They were very close when they were younger; however, the fact that they are segregated from each other by magical ability (or lack thereof in Lizzie’s case) has caused Rita to compare herself to her, resulting in her inferiority complex.  She’s often paranoid that Lizzie has held this against her, a suspicion that’s grown with Lizzie’s habit of labeling wizards as “the privileged class”

Liam: Rita’s younger brother. Quiet, cool, collected, Rita doesn’t see him around very often, but when she does see him, she often gives him a big sister hug or a question on how his day is going before he ignores her while around his friends due to his embarrassment on having an affectionate family member with him at school.  Deep down, he truly cares for his sister and protects her when he thinks she’s in danger (whether that be from a monster or a boy), though when confronted about it will just say she’s too gullible and naïve to be left alone.

Orion Wakefield: Being honest to herself, Rita isn’t even sure if she and Orion are friends.  She knows that Orion doesn’t hold any special feelings for her besides amusement at her reactions, but for some reason she can’t shake the belief that he isn’t a horrid person.  She’s gotten used to his designated nickname for her and has learned to respond to it, though not without many attempts to get him back with a nickname for him of her own (to no avail)

Lucy Thompson:  Her first real friend at Hogwarts, Rita looks up (well, physically down) to Lucy’s strong personality and conviction.  She finds it easier to talk about complex theories and problems that she’s been questioning to her than really anyone else she knows since she views Lucy as someone with high maturity.

Patrick Kelly: Seen as someone she can trust, Rita often describes him as a flirty, fiery red head that she respects highly.  She never understands half the things that he says and often rejects his invitations of physical affection, though this is mostly due to her lack of experience rather than a disliking of Patrick.

Cynthia Tyler: Placing Cynthia ahead of herself in terms of coolness and sociability, Rita sees her as a landmark to reach.  And how could she not?  Though Cynthia is a couple of years younger, Rita understands that she has a lot to learn just by watching and listening to her.  She’s also Rita’s makeshift hair dresser for big events, considering Rita has no experience in the subject.





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